It’s EQIP Season!

EQIP is one of the best programs out there for small farmers – if you’d like to do something the US government considers a conservation practice, chances are you can get reimbursed for some or even most of the expense.


The catch? Well, it moves at the speed of government. I’m typing this from my farm, where I’m swapping my overhead irrigation every 90 minutes because my EQIP project proposal to increase water pressure and install drip irrigation didn’t get funded this past cycle. I’ll be meeting with my NRCS agent tomorrow to renew the application for this next cycle. And with any luck I’ll get funding, along with a LOT of other farmers, because the Inflation Reduction Act massively increased the funding for conservation practices!


How do you get some of this funding for yourself? Reach out to your NRCS agent ASAP! This program runs through NRCS agents, and building a relationship with yours will pay off. Your NRCS agent visits your farm, talks to you about your long term plans and develops your conservation plan for the property. Then you fill out 4 forms that certify your income, your farmer status, whether your farm includes wetlands, and member information if you have a separate legal entity for your farm.


Different states have different deadlines for consideration in an EQIP cycle, and some states have specific areas of conservation that they focus on. We haven’t found anywhere that pulls all of that info together, so we called some NRCS offices and did the job ourselves. For 2023, the EQIP cycle deadlines are below:


State Funding Areas Deadline
Colorado agricultural impropvements and private property 1-Dec
Connecticut all practices 31-Oct
Delaware crop land, wood land, pasture, farmstead 17-Nov
DoC conservation related work, infrastructure release act unknown
Georgia all practices 15-Nov
Idaho all practices “come and gone”
Illinois all practices 12-Jan
Iowa all practices 31-Oct
Kansas all practices 17-Nov
Kentucky all practices 3-Nov
Maine Actively taking applications for management plans 25-Aug
Massachusetts all practices 5-Jan
Michigan all practices 17-Nov
Minnesota all practices 6-Oct
Mississippi all practices 27-Oct
Missouri all practices 3-Oct
Nebraska all practices 17-Nov
Nevada all practices 17-Nov
New Hampshire    
New Jersey all practices 20-Oct
New Mexico all practices 3-Nov
New York all practices 3-Nov
North Carolina all practices 3-Nov
North Dakota all practices 17-Nov
Ohio all practices continuous sign up
Oklahoma all practices 3-Nov
Oregon all practices 17-Nov
Pennsylvania all practices 1-Nov
Rhode Island all practices 15-Dec
South Carolina    
South Dakota all practices 3-Nov
Texas all practices 8-Nov
Utah all practices 4-Nov
Vermont all practices 21-Oct
Washington all practices 20-Oct
West Virginia all practices 20-Oct

Now, you’ll notice some blanks in this table – we did our best, but we can’t spend all day chasing down government officials without a client to serve. If you’re in one of the states we’re missing and you know the dates, let us know!

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