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We seek regeneration in everything we do: environmentally, financially, and personally for our farmers, our people, and our communities

Regenerative agriculture is a true win-win-win for producers, consumers, and the environment

  • Higher Profit

    Healthier soil ecosystems require less fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide (and some farmers also see higher yields) resulting in better profits for producers.

  • More Nutrition

    Vegetables grown in regenerative systems have up to 15x higher levels of nutrients, and pasture-raised animals have more heart-healthy Omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Climate Solution

    As soil regenerates, carbon dioxide is sequestered by plants from the air into the soil, making regenerative a key tool in reversing climate change.

  • Less Pollution

    Fewer chemicals required means less runoff into our drinking water, and increased soil water-holding capacity means more resilience to droughts and floods