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Great farmers should farm – leave the indoor activities to us

Find funding

Fill out a quick survey to find out what grants & credits your farm is eligible for – and we’ll do the paperwork for you!

Manage finances

Let us manage the bookkeeping; our tools will give you the analysis you need to make smart business decisions.

reach new customers

We’ll identify and help you market to your customers and keep them engaged.

get certified

Understand if certifications like USDA Organic are for you, and we’ll help with the process and paperwork.

Farmer Testimonials

Hear how we’ve helped regenerative growers

“There is no way I could built the investment case to get the funding for the farm across the street without Good Agriculture – I didn’t have the time or the bandwidth. You really made this happen.”

 “We’re adding capacity, we’re going to be able to grow more nutrient-dense food and support a community that absolutely needs it. I couldn’t have done it without Good Agriculture – I couldn’t stop doing everything else I was doing on the farm to work on the financials, projections, and business plan to seek and get the funding.”

Donna Issacs, DeLaTerre Permaculture Farm

“I was too busy – and most farmers are. Farmers are too busy to stop to do all the legwork to make dreams like this come true.” 

“Our funder said ‘we don’t get this from other farmers.’” 

“Good Agriculture didn’t just reduce my stress – it’s about how much more productive I can be because I don’t have to do the parts you’re managing.”

 “I feel the best I’ve ever felt in taking this farm to the next level”

Donna Issacs, DeLaTerre Permaculture Farm
Why we’re here

Our vision is a world where agriculture is good for the earth and humans

Good Agriculture is supporting current & future regenerative farmers with business services so they can do what they do best: produce food that regenerates ecosystems and nourishes people

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What is regenerative agriculture?

“Regenerative agriculture not only maintains resources but improves them. With only about 60 years of topsoil remaining at current practices, nothing less will do.”

Rodale Institute (Robert Rodale was the first to coin the term “regenerative” for agriculture that goes beyond “sustainable”)

Regenerative agriculture is a true win-win-win for producers, consumers, and the environment

higher profit

Healthier soil ecosystems require less fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide (and some farmers also see higher yields) resulting in better profits for producers

climate solution

As soil regenerates, carbon dioxide is sequestered by plants from the air into the soil, making regenerative a key tool in reversing climate change.

More nutrition

Vegetables grown in regenerative systems have up to 15x higher levels of nutrients, and pasture-raised animals have more heart-healthy Omega 3 fatty acids

less pollution

Fewer chemicals required means less runoff into our drinking water, and increased soil water-holding capacity means more resilience to droughts and floods

Good Agriculture Blog

Stories from the field, musings on agriculture, and tactical guides to support farmers’ businesses

It doesn’t get talked about often enough, but I honestly think that farmers have a superpower. I think farmers have a sixth sense. I call it “The Farmer’s Sense.” 

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