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Who’s missed a deadline to apply for funding? It’s one thing to get a list of programs you’re eligible for – they may not be open, and you have to track each one to know when they’re open and apply. And when things get busy and you forget to check, whoops, you just missed your window. There’s over $11 billion in funding for farmers in the US, and we want to help you get what you’re eligible for.
That’s why we created the Grants Notification Service. Launching in May, for just a $2/month, we’ll let you know when the programs you’re eligible for are open. This service covers cost-shares, ecosystem credits, and other funding opportunities too, not just grants.

How does this work?

1) If you haven’t already, take the funding survey and sign up! If you’ve already taken the funding survey, fill out the form below with the email you used previously.

2) Once a week, you’ll get an email with the open grants that you’re eligible for. We have roughly 7000 national, state and local programs in our database, and we’re adding more every week.

3) Decide whether to apply! You’re free to do the application yourself, check in with us for some quick guidance, hire someone else to write for you or have us handle the entire application! 

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Joining Options
  • If You Completed the Eligibility Survey: Enter your information in the “Sign for Grant Subscription Updates” button below or form above. Submit payment. You will be alerted every time we see that there’s a grant you qualify for.

  • If You Didn’t Take the Eligibility Survey: Take our Funding Eligibility Survey. At the end of the survey, you will be asked if you want to enroll in our subscription program, click on that link and enter your information. Submit payment. 
That’s it! We won’t charge your card until the service launches. Pre-order to get $2/month for life; prices go up in summer! In exchange, we’ll ask for your feedback to shape the direction of the service and add features. After the summer, the price will go up, but you’ll always keep the intro price if you sign up before then
Don’t ever miss out on funding again! We will make sure you have all the tools you need to tap into the this deal expires in summer.

Want Us to Write an Application? How Our Grants Service Works

Grant Size Upfront Retainer Success Based Fee
Under $25,000 $250 5% of grant value minus retainer
$25,001 to $500,000 $500 5% of grant value minus retainer
Over $500,000 $1000 5% of grant value minus retainer

If you don’t have a grant in mind but want us to match you to programs and develop projects – $500-$1000 depending on complexity.  


We then take a success-based fee of 5% minus the value of the retainer. The retainer covers the cost of developing the project – think pulling together the budget, designing the research study, and molding the project to the requirements of the grant. If this process goes above 20 hours, we may ask you to cover the additional cost at $50/hour. The retainer is also only applicable to one project – if you want us to work on another grant, we’ll ask for another retainer.  But the 5% is only due if when you get funding! 

Got Questions? Check out our FAQs!

How does this work?

You will answer 10-50 simple questions, which takes 3-7 minutes. After you’re finished, the survey will generate a list of all the programs you’re eligible for as a farmer or landowner. 


We’ll email you the list and if you want, we can hop on a call to discuss your results and create a strategy plan for free. If you want us to write the application, we charge a small upfront retainer based on the size of the grant in question and collect a percentage-based fee ONLY if you receive the funds.  

Can you guarantee me money?

No, but we can improve your chances.  

Is there any charge to find out what I'm eligible for?

Nope, it’s completely free to fill out the survey, get your results and have an initial strategy call. If you want to be alerted when programs you’re eligible for are open, join our Notification Service. If you’d like us to write the application, we have minimal upfront fees and take the rest of our pay when you win, as detailed in the table below: 

Grant Size 

Upfront Retainer 

Success Based Fee 

Under $25,000 


5% of grant value minus retainer 

$25001 to $500000 


5% of grant value minus retainer 

Over $500000 


5% of grant value minus retainer 

If you’d like us to help develop projects for grants, the retainer fees range from $500-1000 depending on the complexity of the proposed projects.  

I'm not a farmer. Who do you help find funding assistance?

We help farmers, ranchers, community gardeners, and landowners. If you’re uncertain, take our survey to find out your funding eligibility. 

What's in your databse?

Our database currently only covers US programs. We have the majority of US based national grant, cost share, rental payment, subsidized loan and non-traditional loan programs, and are working to add the majority of state and local programs.  

Will you write any grant application?

We’ll write any grant application IF we feel you have a good chance of winning. If there isn’t a good fit to the grant criteria, it’s a waste of both your time and ours. We also decline to write non-specific national grants – think the programs that get thousands of applications for a few awards.  

What’s your success rate?

Our clients won 67% of the grants we helped them apply for in 2023. 

Not Sure Where to Start?

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