Celebrating Earth Day with 20% Off One-Time Services

Happy Earth Day from the Good Agriculture team! Every day is Earth Day for farmers and everyone working in agriculture, but it’s a great reminder for everyone else how much work goes into taking care of our planet while feeding the world. This Earth day, we’re celebrating our farmers. We’re giving our farmers 20% off our

Mastering Your Farm Finances: A Step-by-Step Guide

This month, we’re diving into a fun topic that all farmers like to talk about: bookkeeping!   …Wait, don’t everyone head for the exits at once!    We get it. You didn’t go into farming to spend your days in front of a spreadsheet. Kirsten’s farm desk has a pile of receipts from 2022 tucked

Value-Added Producer Grants

What they are, who’s eligible and how to apply   So, you want to apply for a Value-Add Producer Grant?    I haven’t met a small farmer who isn’t interested in the Value-Add Producer Grant (VAPG). Who wouldn’t? Free money from the government to turn your raw products into something people will pay more money