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Ever find out about the perfect grant too late to apply? It’s incredibly frustrating, and the most annoying part is that it’s not like there’s anything you could have done differently – there’s simply too much going on for you to stay on top of something that isn’t ranked in the top 50 most urgent

Business or Hobby? How to Set Your Farm Up For Success – Part One

I’ve got some bad news for you. Growing the food is the easy part. There’s a whole world of logistics, planning and frustration that comes between growing great food and making a living doing growing great food.   This is the start of a series of posts about the logistics of running a business. We’ll

Crushing the Off Season

Here in the northern hemisphere we’re going into the persephone days – colder, less than 12 hours of daylight – for most farmers, it’s the off season.   Depending on what the year was like, you may be dragging yourself to your last delivery, stumbling across the finish line with a sense of relief. You

It’s EQIP Season!

EQIP is one of the best programs out there for small farmers – if you’d like to do something the US government considers a conservation practice, chances are you can get reimbursed for some or even most of the expense.   The catch? Well, it moves at the speed of government. I’m typing this from

It’s Alive! Tests to Help Understand the Biology in Your Soil

Do you know what’s under your feet? If you’re reading this outside, the answer is no – because it’s estimated that upwards of 90% of the organisms residing in the soil are unknown to science. Healthy soil is a microscopic Times Square of bustling activity and nutrient cycling.   While we have next to no

What You Need to Do to Be Eligible for NRCS Programs

Did you know that there are roughly $30 billion available for NRCS programs? The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is an agency dedicated to preserving our nation’s natural resources and working lands. If your farm goals align with the practices the agency wants to promote, you have the opportunity to receive technical assistance or funding

The Small Farmer Viability Curve

Small farming can be a meat grinder. Yes, it’s an amazing job – there’s nothing more satisfying than growing the literal sustenance that people in your community depend on.   But it’s brutal. The work wears on your body, the hours wear on your energy and the lack of a safety net wears on your

Building a Regenerative Farm – Paying Your People

In a previous post, we talked about having volunteers on the farm. But what about paid workers? How much should they earn? This is a tricky question. Of course, a farm is a business, so if we can reduce our expenses as much as possible, we can increase our profits, and either invest them back

Volunteers and “Free Labor”

Volunteers on your farm could either be the best thing that happens to you, or the worst. Like most things in life, the difference between the two is– “it depends.” There are a lot of factors that determine the outcome of the experience, but before we get into all of them, let’s discuss some of

Value-Added Producer Grants

What they are, who’s eligible and how to apply   So, you want to apply for a Value-Add Producer Grant?    I haven’t met a small farmer who isn’t interested in the Value-Add Producer Grant (VAPG). Who wouldn’t? Free money from the government to turn your raw products into something people will pay more money